Welcome to WABBTribute.com

As a small gesture of appreciation for WABB's long-term dedicated community service to the Gulf Coast (both on 1480 and on the FM dial at 97.5), it is my pleasure to provide a permanent and central home for photos, audio, and video to commemorate their contributions.

It is my hope to continue to expand the multimedia collection located on this website, and to provide opportunities for interaction between the listeners and the WABB family for a long time to come. If you have content you would like to contribute, please email me at mviron@wabbtribute.com‬.

In the months since WABB FM went off the air, 97.5 is once again the home for the Gulf Coast's hit music with the return "home" of Cumulus owned WABD. It is such stations, which are home to various members of the WABB family, and former WABB listeners who will carry the spirit of WABB-FM forward.